Water Sensors in a Security System

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on May 1, 2015 4:17:00 PM

If spring leaves you with a sinking feeling because you know your sump pump will start running, a water sensor could help you. As part of a security system, water sensors are designed to alert you to potential water issues, such as a failing sump pump, drain back-up, or sewer back-up, before costly damage occurs.

Gray water sensor sitting on floor drain

Water sensors have two or four metal pins that trigger an alarm when water is detected across 2 of the pins. With a monitored security system, a 24/7 response center is notified of the alarm and immediately begins calling people on the owner's contact list.

The picture to the left shows a gray water sensor with 2 metal pins on the outer edges.

Water sensors are often used with sump pumps or floor drains, but can also be used with dishwashers and washing machines to help detect any water issues. We recommend setting your appliance in a plastic pan or shallow container of some kind in order to help your water sensor detect the presence of accumulating water.

side-mounted water sensor near floor drain

In the picture to the right, the water sensor is mounted sideways.

False alarms can occur when a water sensor is placed directly on a cement floor or other surface that can give off moisture. One way to avoid this is to raise the sensor 1/8 to 1/4 inches off the floor or mount the sensor sideways.

As a part of your security system, water sensors can provide peace of mind for those who worry about water issues. For more information about water sensors or to schedule a free, no obligation analysis, contact us.

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