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What to Know if You've Bought a Home that Already Has a Security System

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Jul 12, 2019 3:51:07 PM

With the housing market roaring right now, you might be in the market to purchase a house that already has a security system in it. Or maybe you've already done that. Or you know someone who has. The odds are that if you're house-hunting, you'll come across a home with a security system in it. So how does that work for you? And how can you get that security system to work? We've got the answers.

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4 Important Safety Topics for Seniors

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Jun 28, 2019 5:01:23 PM

On Thursday, June 27, 2019, Heartland Security participated in the Douglas County Healthy & Active Senior Expo sponsored by Douglas County TRIAD. Seniors could visit vendor tables, listen to the keynote speaker, attend breakout sessions, get free lunch, and win door prizes. One of the breakout sessions was titled "Home Safety" with a talk given by Douglas County Sheriff Troy Wolbersen*.

Sheriff Wolbersen told of crowd of over 30 seniors about how to stay safe in their homes. He emphasized that seniors should know their limitations and have a network of people they can reach out to for help with things. He also mentioned several other topics that we will elaborate on here.

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Protect Your Kids and Guard Your Cabinets with a Sensor from Heartland Security

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on May 17, 2019 4:22:59 PM

If you've got kids, you know there are many dangers you want to protect them from. No matter what age they are, you want them to be safe and healthy. But what about when you're not there? How do you know if they're making good choices? Heartland Security can help.

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Local and Cooperative-Owned: What Makes Heartland Security Different

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on May 3, 2019 4:02:46 PM

When you think about security systems, what kind of companies come to mind? Many people can name at least one national company, and possibly a few smaller companies. These companies probably include cable, phone, or Internet providers, or other companies who have added on security as part of their varied services.

Heartland Security is different for three reasons: we're local, cooperative-owned, and life safety is all we do. We're owned by 13 rural electric cooperatives, who were all founded to help local, rural farmers get the electricity they needed. These 13 private, non-profit cooperatives are owned by the people they serve, so we are a locally-owned business designed to serve our customers and communities. Unlike other companies that have added on security among their other offerings, Heartland Security specializes in alarm systems and video surveillance.

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Heartland Security Sponsors Farmhouse Coat Rack Youth Class

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Apr 5, 2019 5:17:41 PM

On Saturday, March 30, from 9am-12pm, along with the Central Minnesota Builders Association, Heartland Security sponsored a Community Education class in St. Cloud for K-6 students to build a farmhouse coat rack. We had 15 participants and everyone got pizza and cookies for lunch! Take a look through the pictures below to see how the project came together.

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How Much Does a Standard Security System Cost and What's Included?

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Mar 29, 2019 5:29:58 PM

What's in a standard security system? How much does a security system cost? We've written before about how there is no standard price for a security system, but we will give you an idea of what a basic security system package includes and how much it might cost you.

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your House Stays Dry this Spring

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Mar 13, 2019 2:51:54 PM

If you're like most people in the Midwest, you're concerned about flooding when all this snow melts. How can you tell if your house will have water problems? What are some strategies to prevent water from getting inside your home?

Spring rain, melting snow, and drains clogged by ice, snow, and debris can easily cause waters to rise around and near your house. A few inches of water inside your home can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Here's what you can do to help keep your basement dry this spring.

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Burglary statistics from 2018

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Feb 15, 2019 12:07:44 PM

With the crime numbers in for 2018, if you rank each state from highest amount of crimes to lowest amount, Minnesota came in 36th highest and Iowa was 17th highest. While they are not in the top 10, it can still can be a cause for alarm.

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Heartland Security's 2018 Holiday Party

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Jan 25, 2019 11:02:39 AM

Heartland Security celebrated a great 2018 with our employees at our annual holiday party earlier this month. 2018 was a great year for us and we're thankful for our customers and current and retired employees!

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Smart Homes and Security Systems are No Longer Separate

Posted by Alexa Sandbakken on Sep 14, 2018 4:35:46 PM

According to a 2017 Park Associates survey, 75% of all home security installations now include smart home controls and features. So many homeowners now enjoy the convenience of a smart home with a security system hub, it's incredibly common to include smart home features in security system installations.

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